Top Seven Questions to Consider if Choosing a Chiropractor

Top Seven Questions to Consider if Choosing a Chiropractor

by Dr Pam Jarboe

1. Should I Go Online or Ask Around?

Friends don’t let friends go to a bad chiropractor! Your friends and coworkers are a place to start. If you do go online to search for a chiropractor, look at what patients say about the office on their website.

2. Which Techniques Are Good?

There are many different techniques within the profession of chiropractic. Going to a chiropractor who is proficient in their technique or offers several techniques can help you have a better chance of success. Here are some questions you can ask that might guide you:

  • Does the chiropractor employ a deeper, joint-popping adjustment or a low-force adjustment?

  • Is the chiropractor experienced in treating problems similar to yours?

  • How many years has the doctor been in practice?

  • How much training and experience does the chiropractor have in the specific technique he or she is recommending?

  • Is the chiropractor proficient at more than one technique?

3. What Kinds Of Patients Do They Care For

It is helpful for the chiropractor to have experience with people who have the same problems that you have. Ask questions to uncover if this practice matches your needs. 

4. Research the Chiropractor’s Credentials

Your chiropractor should have certain qualifications that allows them to practice their profession and work on your body. In fact, educational and licensing requirements for Doctors of Chiropractic are some of the most stringent within the healthcare profession.

Doctors of Chiropractic are educated in nationally accredited, four year doctor graduate school programs through a curriculum that includes a minimum of 4,200 hours of classroom, laboratory and clinical internship. If you have any doubts about the skills or experience of your chosen chiropractor, don’t be afraid to ask for evidence.

5. What Does Insurance Actually Cover?

The cost of a chiropractor can vary wildly depending on the chiropractic statistics you read, from around $30 to around $200 per session depending largely on the state you live in and the experience of the doctor. However, on average, it is considered to roughly cost $65 per session. Don’t be afraid to discuss costs upfront so you have a clear idea of the cost before you commit to a care plan, and also see whether it’s covered or partially covered under your insurance plan or through your employer. Also, consider the cost effectiveness of chiropractic care. Research shows that patients investing in this kind of care experience a return on investment by lowering overall healthcare costs. 

6. How Many Sessions Should I expect to Have?

Chiropractic care plans vary based upon:

  • How severe the problem is

  • How long it has been going on

  • What the goal of care is 

    • For example, if the goal is to take away the pain, it may take 1 -24 appts. But if the goal is to stabilize the spine, create less muscle facilitation or increase intersegmental movement or to change the curves of the spine, the care plan may be as long as a year. Many patients choose to care for their spine in a wellness model by getting adjusted beyond pain or rehabilitation. This can vary from 1x/month, 2x/month or 1x/week. Ask your chiropractor about the best wellness plan for you. 
  • What Your lifestyle is

    • As an example, a recent piece of research published by the American Chiropractic Association found that patients receiving care three to four times a week, for 3 weeks noted a substantial reduction in pain intensity.
    • You may want to find out how your chiropractor determines the frequency that will create the best results for you. Every patient has the right to choose the healthcare plan that is best for them. Of course you can cancel your treatment plan at any time, however, be sure to check the cancellation policy to ensure you’re not left with any unexpected costs.

7. Do Online Reviews Matter? 

Reading what other people have to say about a chiropractor can provide insight into how the chiropractor provides care, as well as how his or her practice is operated. Patient satisfaction surveys typically ask people about their experience with scheduling appointments, wait times, office environment, and office staff friendliness. You can learn about how well patients trust the chiropractor, how much time he or she spends with their patients, and how well he or she answers questions. Also, how they answer complaints can also reveal whether or not they are a match for you. 

8. Should I Write Off Chiropractic If Things Don’t Work Out?

When a patient is dissatisfied with a medical doctor, they do dismiss the whole profession? Have you had a bad plumber? You wouldn’t go without a plumber for the rest of forever! Learn from what did not work for you when working with ANY professional and then search for the help you need. Chiropractic as a profession has been helping millions of patients for over a hundred years. The insurance malpractice rates are VERY low compared to their peers BECAUSE of their safety and efficacy rates. Are there some not so great ones? Maybe. Hopefully this article helps you find a great one. If not, keep looking because this unique drug free, surgery free solution can be of tremendous help!