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Send Us a Message Community Chiropractic of Acton 282 Central St Acton, MA 01720 978-263-9355


Excellent and compassionate care is what you receive at Community Chiropractic. The Doctor has a way of assessing the whole person and providing just the right type of care to keep you moving! I appreciate the exceptional care and education she provides to help me think about my own self care. She has helped my whole family!

Sara M

Community Chiropractic is the best care around!  The Doctor is as caring as she is competent.  The entire staff will immediately help you to feel welcome and at ease. This practice is as much about vibrant living as it is about vibrant health.  They do a wonderful job creating comfort and building a great sense of, well, community!


Thank you! Drs. Steve and Pam have the biggest, caring, most thoughtful, kindest hearts. They make our hearts, body, mind, spirit and soul feel so good. They do so much for others and it rubs off on me because when I leave I want to do something good to help other people. I always feel so comfortable and at home here. Your classes are so helpful and knowledgeable, and your themes are always unique, fun and amazing. The staff are always so friendly and nice, and greet us with a BIG smile. Drs. Steve and Pam listen to us and about our aches with all their hearts.


I was a bit skeptical at first that chiropractic was going to be of any help to my neck issues.  But after a year of care I’m so much better and also no longer need cortisone injections, which I was getting regularly.

J Hadland

I used to get dizzy all the time.  No medial personnel could figure out why.  It occurred most frequently in association with life stress.  Since treating with the Doctor, I have had no recurrence of my previously debilitating vertigo.

Chris R

It has been so very helpful for my neck, shoulder, back, hip, etc…thank you so much!


The pain I was living with left and I was able to completely use my arm and shoulder again. I regained full range of motion!


Chiropractic has been one of my life savers, along with massage therapy. I owe my slowing down of the aging process and ability to function on a day to day basis to chiropractic. There’s no doubt about it!


As a chiropractor (who knows good chiropractic care when he experiences it) I choose my own chiropractors who are talented, loving and present. Drs. Pam and Steve are all that and a whole lot of fun. Count yourself blessed to live in Groton and have them as your very own

Dr. Andrew Cohen

I can turn my head again. I’ve got better range of motion in my neck and back than I’ve had in months, and my headaches have really subsided. Woo hoo!