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Must I Go to a Chiropractor Forever?

We hear this question in our practice. A lot. And the answer is: it depends. If you wish to maintain the health of your nervous system and all the functions of the body that it is responsible for, then the answer is:  Yes.  Much like eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular exercise and adhering a good sleep schedule- as long as you maintain these habits, you will continue to reap the benefits of your choices. Ultimately, all of these choices are totally up to you. The key to leading a healthy life truly is your lifestyle. The choices you make each day either move you towards health, or away from health. These choices either assist in giving your body something it needs or something it doesn’t need.

It is a well documented and understood fact, that routine dental care helps maintain the health of your teeth. This same principle applies to chiropractic care for your spine. Subluxations, or blockages in the nervous system, are like the plaque in between your teeth. If you only went to the dentist when your teeth hurt, there would be a lot of damage done. If you only came to a chiropractor when you had pain, there most likely would be evidence of many years of spinal blockages prior to your first appointment.

Regular chiropractic care can help you feel better, boost your immune system and create greater ease in your body throughout your lifetime. Even a short course of chiropractic care can be helpful, but to truly gain the most benefit, consistent chiropractic care should be a routine part of your lifestyle. The nervous system is the only system in your body completely encased in bone. That’s how important it is! Ensuring the spine is in proper alignment, ensures that your body is functioning optimally.

The false assumption that once you start going to a chiropractor that you have to go forever, is rooted in our modern perspective of medical care. When a problem arises (a ‘symptom’), we seek out treatment to get rid of symptom. Once the symptom goes away, the medical care ends. Many people think that a chiropractor will treat your problem, resolve it, and your care will end. However, chiropractic care does not ‘fix’ symptoms or conditions. Rather, being under chiropractic care helps your body heal itself more efficiently and thus people under chiropractic care can recover more quickly and more fully from health conditions.

Just like a regular exercise program to maintain proper movement, a sleep regiment to rest your body and a healthy diet to fuel your body, chiropractic care also gives your body something it needs to stay healthy. Chiropractic care works by making sure your body has a clear path between your brain and your body. It ensures there are no blockages along the path. This way, your brain can send messages to every cell, tissue, organ and organ system and the information can travel back up to the brain without interference.

If you had found an exercise program that works for you and that you enjoy, would you wonder when would be a good time to stop? And if you had a diet that worked for you, and that you enjoy, would you look forward to stopping it? Of course not! We all know that stopping our healthy habits can have negative consequences.

This is also true for chiropractic care. Once you have begun to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system, would you consciously decide on a date to stop keeping it healthy? Clearly not.

The purpose of chiropractic care is to maintain optimal health. Many of our patients choose consistent chiropractic because they value their health and want to feel the best they possibly can, at any age.