Ep 9: Reconnecting with Your Body with Lisa Medora, Licensed Massage Therapist

Lisa Medora, Licensed Massage Therapist | Love Your Life PodcastIt’s so easy to get out of sync with your body in today’s hustle and bustle. You struggle and feel exhausted all the time because you feel like you don’t have much energy. How do you regain energy and get in sync with your body in today’s past-faced world?

Our guest for today is Lisa Medora, a Licensed Massage Therapist. She is going to teach us how to regain that vitality back so that we can embrace and take on whatever comes in our lives.

In this episode, Lisa talks about how she incorporates massage into her clients’ lives so that they can reconnect with their bodies. She also shares how her first ever massage experience, inspired her to become a massage therapist to help people with their health.

Make sure to listen till the end of this episode, as Lisa shares how to get in touch with your body as well as the tools she’s using to loving her life!

Episode Highlights

  • How Lisa’s first massage therapy experience made her decide to become a massage therapist
  • Loving whatever shows up in your life
  • Incorporating massage into your life
  • Slowing down to reconnect with your body and yourself
  • Ways on how Lisa is loving her life


Where to reach Lisa Medora:

Lisa Medora 
Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork



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