You are currently viewing Ep 4: Engaging Entertainment with David Gerratt, Fugitive Productions

Ep 4: Engaging Entertainment with David Gerratt, Fugitive Productions

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Engaging Entertainment | Love Your Life Podcast with Dr. Pam Jarboe and Dr. Lauren Yeager

If you’re into comedy, music, and storytelling then you’ll surely love this episode!

Today’s episode features a conversation with Fugitive Productions founder David Gerratt, who is on a mission to bring unique and engaging entertainment to local audiences by partnering with creative performance artists.

Fugitive Productions hosts events in venues like Orange Door Kitchen, The Gallery at Villageworks, and other fine suburban Boston locations.

In this conversation, David shares how Fugitive Productions came to be and how he’s building a community and connection through music, comedy, and storytelling.

Episode Highlights

  • How Fugitive Productions started
  • Hosting events and treating people with ice cream
  • Different kinds of storytelling
  • David’s commitment and support to creative performance artists
  • Community and connection

Where to reach David Gerratt:

Fugitive Productions
525 Mass Ave Acton, MA

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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