You are currently viewing Ep 3: The Grace and Beauty of Living with Maria Skinner, Starfish Dance & Yoga

Ep 3: The Grace and Beauty of Living with Maria Skinner, Starfish Dance & Yoga

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The Grace and Beauty of Living | Love Your Life Podcast with Dr. Pam Jarboe and Dr. Lauren Yeager

Our guest for today is Maria Skinner, owner of StarFish Dance & Yoga Studio. In this conversation, Maria talks about yoga – particularly the NIA technique which has been a great technique to connect your emotions, spirit, and your body.

Sit back and relax as she shares her knowledge about dance, embodiment practices, and the grace and beauty of living life!

Episode Highlights

  • Maria’s story on how she started Starfish Dance and Yoga Studio
  • Maria’s BeSoul – Dance Studio
  • The NIA technique
  • People’s ability to love and create a life they love
  • Living in response to how people view you
  • Ways that Maria does to love her life outside of dancing
  • Moving with the force and going with the flow

Resources mentioned in this episode:

Where to reach Maria Skinner:

StarFish Dance & Yoga
Maria Skinner’s Blog

Know more about Maria and her work here.

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