You are currently viewing Ep 11: Taking Care of Yourself as a Whole with Lysa Miller, Relationship Builder, Entrepreneur

Ep 11: Taking Care of Yourself as a Whole with Lysa Miller, Relationship Builder, Entrepreneur

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Taking Care of Yourself As A Whole | Love Your Life Podcast with Dr. Pam Jarboe and Dr. Lauren YeagerOur guest today is Lysa Miller. She is a Partner and President at the award-winning digital agency, 3 Media Web in Hudson, MA. She is the founder of the digital marketing agency Ladybugz, which is now a part of 3 Media Web Family. She has been a source on,, Business Insider, CIO, Daily Worth, Business Insider and blogger for, along with a regular content contributor to various online publications. Lysa is President and Founder of the MetroWest Women’s Network, a professional network empowering women in MetroWest Massachusetts.

In this episode, Lysa talks about the importance of having a women networking group and how having such an organization is helping her and others love their life and have better life experiences. She also shares how she started her marketing agency and how entrepreneurs can make their business better. Moreover, she highlights the relevance of believing in one’s self and taking care of yourself as a whole.

Episode Highlights

  • How to make your life and business better
  • How Lysa started her marketing agency and how she overcame her struggles in business and life
  • Taking care of yourself as a whole

Where to reach Lysa Miller:

Lysa Miller, President, 3 Media Web, MetroWest Women’s Network
3 Media Web
+1 978-376-7878 | 7 Felton Street, Hudson MA 01749



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