You are currently viewing Ep 1: Creating a Fulfilled Life with John Gates, Nashoba Brook Bakery

Ep 1: Creating a Fulfilled Life with John Gates, Nashoba Brook Bakery

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Creating A Fulfilled Life | Love Your Life Podcast with Dr. Pam Jarboe and Dr. Lauren Yeager

Our lives are pretty full. We have jobs, responsibilities, and families to care for. Sometimes our day-to-day routine can feel like a never-ending chore, especially when we are not living in alignment with our values. It’s normal to get tired. And when you do, take the time to recharge, refresh yourself and fall in love with life all over again!

Welcome to the very first episode of Love Your Life Podcast! A podcast that provides you the tools and tips to create a better life! 

Experience the sweetness and possibilities of life as they bring inspirational stories of people from all walks of life and empower you to create and live a life you love!

For this first episode, we’re happy to introduce you to a special guest from our community who is helping others build a better life! Meet John Gates, a retailer, wholesaler, cafe owner, and a community builder who’s going to share how living in alignment with your values can create a good and better life that you truly enjoy.

Episode Highlights:

  • Love as the main ingredient in creating and living a fulfilled life
  • What compelled John to start his business
  • How people lose sight of their original vision and goals
  • Conversations about not having a life that was about the grind
  • How the process of becoming a father while starting a small business gave John the perspective of what was really important in life
  • Your life and business as your message and impact on the world
  • How John overcame the hurdles in his life
  • How much love did you get and how much love did you give?
  • Shiny objects come in many forms
  • Unconscious learning and John’s favorite story

Where to Find John Gates

Nashoba Brook Bakery
152 Commonwealth Ave West Concord, MA

Resources mentioned in this episode:

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