Dr. Pam Jarboe

Before Becoming a Chiropractor

Dr. Pam Jarboe practices chiropractic in Acton MA. Her career blossomed when she worked as an assistant for a chiropractor in 1986. At this time she met her future husband, Dr Steve Jarboe. They unusually met before either one of them realized they would become chiropractors. She soon traveled into Hale House in Harlem, NY with her chiropractor.  He began adjusting children who were drug addicted. Some of these poor children, born with AIDS, were abandoned as babies. They suffered greatly with many health issues as well as emotional problems. As they received adjustments, Pam witnessed them transform. They suddenly had less disease, less trauma. They transitioned from hiding under the beds, being terrified to be touched to jumping into her arms. Inspired by the many changes she witnessed in this practice, especially in children, she decided to attend Life Chiropractic University. She graduated as a Doctor of Chiropractic in 1995.


She founded the Center for Wellbeing in Sandy Springs GA in 1996. Four years later, the whole family  moved to Massachusetts and began Community Chiropractic in 2000   with her husband Dr. Steve Jarboe. She serves patients in Groton and Acton MA.  Dr Pam specializes in extraordinarily gentle chiropractic care. Often gentle chiropracticmeans the amount of pressure you would use to squeeze a tomato. Patients delight at how gentle and yet extraordinarily effective these adjustments can be.  She delivers adjustments to newborn babies.  As well, Dr Pam  adjusts patients over 100 years old. Her practices have always provided excellent care to people of all ages and health challenges. She seeks to allow the nerve system to fully coordinate with all the cells, organs and functions in the body. She values giving each person she cares for the very best chance to express life and vitality.  Dr Pam serves as a board member for several chiropractic organizations, and an international speaker for the profession. Her proudest contributions though are her two sons, Jackson and Max. She resides happily in Groton, MA.